Racing with NESDC


All competitors must register (see how to register for a NESDC race) by 5 pm on the Thursday prior to each race they’d like to compete in. Race registrations opens one week before close of registration.


For complete rules, please see our Racing Rules & Manual (.pdf).
  • Helmets. All Junior Class Mushers must wear a helmet! Helmets are also mandatory for all rig, bike and scooter classes during dry land events.
  • Time. The “Time Cut-Off” rule will be enforced at all NESDC races—any team not finishing within 1.5 times the average of the first (5) five teams in the same heat of the same class will not be allowed to race the second day.
  • Starts. Dual starts are possible at all races.
  • Drivers’ meeting. Mandatory drivers’ meeting at 8:30 A.M., each race day. 
  • Marking. All dogs will be marked immediately after crossing the finish line after the first heat. If dogs are not marked, participants will not be able to race.
  • Vaccinations. All dogs participating in NESDC sled dog races must have a certificates of rabies inoculations signed by a licensed veterinarian, or a letter of kennel inoculation signed by a licensed veterinarian on his business stationary, stating that the entire kennel has been inoculated. Proof of inoculation, original or Photostat copies or certificates or letter must be submitted to the club secretary prior to or at the team’s first sled dog race.
  • Sanctioning bodies. All snow and rig races will be ISDRA sanctioned! Please check for details.

Race Fees

Our typical fees are described below. Fees listed on an event’s page will be the official fees for a race if the fees differ from the typical fees listed below. Please check the page for a particular event for details (fees will be listed on event pages when registration opens, if not before).
  • One–six-dog classes: $35 (canicross, bikejor, scooter, skijor, 4-dog, 6-dog)
  • Eight-dog classes: $40
  • Open/unlimited: $45
  • Three-dog junior: $10
  • One-dog junior and recreational: $5
The fees for one–six-dog classes, eight-dog classes, and open/unlimited classes include the ISDRA fee. We may offer “pro” and “sportsman” options—sportsman’s classes will be $10 less (competitors running as sportsmen will not have a stake in the purse and will not have their scores reported to ISDRA).

Race Day Schedule

NESDC Snow Race Day Schedule (schedule may change due to trail conditions, etc.)




Registration (drivers will pick up bibs)


Drivers’ meeting


Skijoring (1/2 dogs run together, separate ISDRA reporting)

3 Dog Junior
4 Dog

After start of Open Class

1 Dog Junior

8 Dog
6 Dog


Typical Snow Race Distances by Category


Distance / Miles

3 Dog Juniors


1 or 2 Dog Skijoring


4 Dog


6 Dog


8 Dog




All spots are sold! Drawing will be done this weekend at Ranch Rudolf. Video of the drawing will be posted announcing the winner!


Here is the chance to get a BRAND NEW Shooting Star model Arctic Star Dog Sleds sled manufactured by craftsman, Johnn Molburg. This sled is used by hundreds of mushers!

➡️ All proceeds from this raffle will go to support the continued operation of ISDRA (International Sled Dog Racing Association). ISDRA, like most groups, suffered financial hardships due to COVID-19. They were unable to host a convention in 2020 and will only have limited participation in a convention this year. ISDRA continues to provide services and benefits to races throughout the USA and Canada, but could use funds to provide continued services.

- There are 50 tickets
- It is $20/ticket
- Select a number/s from below by writing it in the comments
- Comment on the original post
- Send payment via PayPal to
- ❗️Select "Friends & Family" so that fees aren't taken out

- Sled will be available for pickup at the Midwest Sled Dog Expo in June or winner can pay to have it shipped
- Winner of the sled will be announced at the Expo during the ISDRA Medals Presentation on June 19th
- If the winner would like to do an upgrade to the sled, Johnn is willing to apply the price of the sled to another model.

1. Jude Griffin
2. Beth Story Scott
3. Amelia Gagliano
4. Claire Seekins
5. Heather Palmquist
6. Claire Seekins
7. Duane Dittmar
8. Destinee Kiel
9. Claire Seekins
10. Linda Selesky Thompson
11. Ted Waterbury
12. Joseph "Mike" King
13. Margaret Harvey
14. Scott Dahlquist
15. Claire Seekins
16. Ronald Klepadlo
17. Kade Matthew Meyer
18. Mark R Broughton
19. Mark R Broughton
20. Devin S Englerth
21. Lorrie Green
22. Anne Small
23. Debra Santulli
24. Melissa Behm Omernick
25. Jan Bootz-Dittmar
26. Claire Seekins
27. Meredith Michener
28. Destinee Kiel
29. Ailena Baum
30. Amelia Gagliano
31. Joshua James Pfeil
32. Joshua James Pfeil
33. Inga Marty
34. Ailena Baum
35. Rachael Bryar Colbath
36. Rachael Bryar Colbath
37. Rachael Bryar Colbath
38. Rachael Bryar Colbath
39. Rachael Bryar Colbath
40. Rachael Bryar Colbath
41. Rachael Bryar Colbath
42. Rachael Bryar Colbath
43. Rachael Bryar Colbath
44. Rachael Bryar Colbath
45. Beth Story Scott
46. Susan Hoppe
47. Inga Marty
48. Niina Baum
49. Leendert Van Dorp
50. Melissa Behm Omernick
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