Westbrook Cancelled

The beautiful trail conditions are vanishing rapidly. 

Fingers crossed Tamworth goes off!

Class order and participants

This is the current class list for this weekend’s Lamoille Valley Rail Trail race. The classes are listed in the order they will be run. The order of participants in each class will be determined by bib draw tonight. 

1-Dog Skijor
Beth A. Lane
Anne O’Donnell
Fran Plaisted
Rachael Bryar Colbath

2-Dog Skijor
Amy Craves
Anne O’Donnell
Asa Szegvari

Lochland Carter
Killian Carter
Michele Boyd
Emily Golomb
Jackie McCreedy
Dawn Roberts
Regan Smith
Sara Vanderwood
Fran Plaisted
Asa Szegvari
Ben College
Brittany Colbath 
Lily Stewart
Laura Hayes

3-Dog Junior
Killian Carter

Angie Carter
Lochland Carter
Jocelyn Bradbury 
Kayleigh DiMaggio
Emily Golomb
Meg Mizzoni
Nova Clifford
Ben College
Rachael Bryar Colbath
Jean-Rene Saucier

Ed Clifford
Doug Butler
Kelley McGrath
Jean-Rene Saucier

Angie Carter
Bill Boyd
Nova Clifford
Doug Butler

Lamoille Is a Go!

The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail will go on as scheduled!

The course is a level, straight rail trail with a wide turn around. As it is an out-and-back course, there will be head-on passing.

There will be a drivers’ meeting at 6:30 pm at the Charlmont Restaurant. Online registration will close Thursday night but we may accommodate on-site registration at the drivers’ meeting (there will be NO registration on Saturday).

The purse for the race is now over $2500!

Tamworth rescheduled

Due to trail conditions, we have rescheduled our Tamworth race for February 24-25th.

Westbrook postponed

It will come as no surprise to anyone watching the weather that we have to postpone the Westbrook race. We are rescheduling the race for the second weekend in February.

Register for the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Sled Dog Race

Online registration is now open for the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Sled Dog Race. Online registration will close on Thursday, Jan. 18, at 9 pm. On-site registration will be taken at the drivers’ meeting on Friday, Jan. 19th.

Westbrook Updates

We are monitoring the weather and trail conditions closely. Our trail groomer will do his best to preserve the trail despite this week’s warm-up. If we have to cancel the race, we hope to be able to make the call on Thursday evening. If trail conditions deteriorate after Thursday night, we may have to cancel after that. But fingers crossed!

If you are looking for a place to stay in Westbrook, we have a discount at the Super 8 Motel (ask for New England Sled Dog Club rate).

Register for Westbrook

Registration is open for our Westbrook Winter Festival Snow Race. We will close registration on January 11th, at 10 pm. It looks like this race will be a go with more snow coming today and cold temperatures between now and the race date. This is a great, welcoming venue with a fun trail. We look forward to seeing you on race day!

Snow Race Schedule

We have three snow races scheduled for January 2018: Westbrook, January 13-14; The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Sled Dog Race, January 20-21 in Morristown, Vermont (this is a new race, details forthcoming); and Tamworth, January 27-28. Fingers crossed we have ample snow this year!

Thank you!

2017 Rig Race competitors and volunteers

We raised $415 for Liberty House in Manchester, NH. Every dollar raised for Liberty house translates to $20 at the food bank, which means our $415 turns into $8,300 at the food bank! We also collected lots of blankets, non-perishable food items, and daily essentials for our vets.

We’d like to thank our competitors and volunteers for making our the Ethan Howard Memorial Rig Race a success!

Thank you to Manchester Water Works and Forestor John O’Neill for helping us get this race on—if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have a place to race. Thank you also to Tom DiMaggio for setting up a great trail, as always, and Sandy DiMaggio for letting us use her car as a time in car. To Dawn Roberts and Nova Clifford helped me and Tom set up trail on a very very windy and cold Friday. I also want to than Anita Wischinski, Rainer Wischinski, Ron Stortz, Nancy Stortz, and Heidi Stortz for great job with feeding everyone even when the grills froze! Ron’s chili and Heidi and Nancy’s bread and cookies and Anita’s chocolate marzipan cake were to die for. I’d also like to thank Ingo for doing a great job timing (not an easy job), and Gretchen Karlson for being an awesome chief judge and Kelly McGrath for making sure all our bills are paid and Laura Hayes for registering everyone. Lastly I would like to thank Danae Bryar and crew for helping out with supplies along with Jacqueline McCreedy making sure everything got set up every morning and broken down every night, and Asa for jumping in. My apologies if I missed anyone!

Finally, I want to take the time to welcome our new vice president Mike Green and our second vice president Rachel Colbath—thank you for for stepping into a tough job. I also want to welcome Gretchen Karlson and Doug Butler to the board of directors.

—Meg Mizzoni, President

Upcoming Events

  1. Tamworth Sled & Skijor Race 2019

    January 26 - January 27
  2. Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Sled Dog Race 2019

    February 9 - February 10


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