Club History—Dick Moulton

Tribute to Dick Moulton

by Nancy Cowan

Dick was a racer of world renown…won the Laconia World Championships more times than anyone else ever.

Dick began driving a team of Eskimo sled dogs when he was about nine years old. The dogs belonged to a neighbor in Meredith, NH, and each probably weighed double the youngster’s weight! But Dick was already a “dog man,” so much so that his nickname around town was “Pooch.” And he could handle those dogs. He told me that they got after the preacher’s little scrap of a black lapdog and he knew that he was the only thing between the Eskimo sled dogs and the preacher’s dog going to dog heaven.  Well, the preacher’s pup lived to run home and hide under the porch and Dick emerged victorious, if not unbattered, from the fray.

When Dick got to be teenaged, Milton Seeley stopped by to talk to his folks about Dick coming to work at Chinook Kennels. Over time, Dick became very near to the son that Milton had never had, and all the rest of his life, Dick tried hard to emulate the quiet, gentlemanly, and kind Mr. Seeley. Dick did all manner of hard work, and drove the Chinook Kennels number one Siberian team to victory in many races, but all the time he was there because, in his words, “This was where it began”, meaning that beckoning pathway to Antarctica. His dream was realized when Milton insisted that Dick be sent along to accompany the Chinook Kennels teams on BAE III. That expedition was funded in part by the United States military. When world war broke out, the expedition was hastily called home. By virtue of being expedition members, the dogs and dog drivers were already members of the military.  When the sled dogs were called into service for first the snow patrol outfits and then what became Search and Rescue, Dick was a major player. Sgt Moulton led several expeditions in Labrador to rescue downed aircrews—this was through mercilessly tough, unmarked territory—and Dick told me that some of the injured men wished to die rather than continue the journey by sled.

When the Battle of the Bulge was happening, wounded troops could not be evacuated to medical facilities due to the deep snow. Dick was in charge of assembling the teams and drivers from wherever in the arctic regions they had been stationed, and getting them onto transport planes for a flight to Europe. Sleds, sled dogs, and dog drivers landed on a French airfield in one of the most sudden, warmest Spring thaws to hit the continent. The dogs were never used. When sled dog racing resumed in New England after the war, Dick was back into it.

By now Mr. Seeley was dead and Short Seeley was in very precarious health. When she could no longer carry on with the kennels, Dick bought them from her. He continued the process of outfitting the post-war Antarctic ventures with dogs but Short could not stand not owning the kennels that had become her reason for living. Quite a bit of the monies paid by Dick were spent, but he returned the kennel property to her at a severe personal cost. Dick did not look back, as his respect for Milton Seeley’s memory would not allow him to do less for Eva Seeley. Even when his racing days were done, Dick was keenly involved—helping younger drivers, running the races and serving as judge and trail boss and everything else for the Lakes Region Sled Dog Club.

He served with Dr. Charlie Belford and Dr. Roland Lombard to advance the SEPP evaluations in an attempt to retain the working and racing capabilities  of the Siberian Husky. He probably knew more about the inside and the outside of the racing sled dog than most vets—and certainly Lombard and Belford, two premier sled dog racing vets, had immense respect for his knowledge and expertise.

And Dick loved the races. In the last few years, he never missed attending the Laconia World Derby and the Sandwich Notch Sixty and any NESDC—of which he had been president—races around. Once I asked the famous sled builder, Ed Moody, who in his opinion was the finest dog driver of all time. Moody, like Moulton was an Antarctic and a Search and Rescue vet, and had known, and often outfitted, the finest racers in the world. Ed thought a bit: “The finest driver, the person who could get the most performance out of a team—that would have to be Dick Moulton.” Ed knew what I knew, and what the townspeople of Meredith knew when Dick was nine, Moulton had the talent for being inside the head of a sled dog and thinking like a dog! That is one of the highest praises that one dog man can give another, for sled dogs cannot be forced to run. That wonderful and mystical ability to spot and to measure the urge to run, to know the leaders, to ferret out the problems is a supreme asset to one who would drive dogs. Dick had that. He was my friend and I will miss him very, very much

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I hope this message finds you all feeling rested and relaxed after a great weekend of Dryland sled dog racing I want to thank you all for coming out to a very successful Ethan Howard Memorial rig race benefiting the veterans of Liberty house in Manchester. For every dollar raised for Liberty house translates to $20 at the food bank which means the $415 we raised turns into $8,300 at the food bank we are very happy and proud to do this for the men that have given up so much for us. We also collected lots of blankets non-perishable food items Sox and other daily essentials for our vets. I would like to thank Manchester Water Works and John O'Neill the Forester for helping us get this race on if it weren't for them we wouldn't have a place to race. I'd also like to thank Tom DiMaggio for Always setting up a great Trail and Sandy DiMaggio for letting us use your car as a time in car, last minute because that is definitely one thing I forgot to get. Thanks to Dawn Roberts and Nova Clifford for coming out and helping me and Tom set up Trail on a very very windy and cold Friday. I also want to than Anita Wischinski,Rainer Wischinski Ron stortz Nancy stortz, and Heidi Stortz for great job with feeding everyone even when the grills froze ! Ron's chili Heidi and Nancy bread and cookies and Anita's chocolate marzipan cake were to die for . I'd also like to thank Ingo for doing a great job timing (not an easy job), and Gretchen Karlson for being an awesome chief judge and Kelly McGrath for making sure all our bills are paid and Laura Hayes for registering everyone she has a tough job I want to take the time to welcome our new vice president Mike Green and our second vice president Rachel colbath and thank you for for stepping into a tough job and also want to welcome Gretchen Karlson and Doug Butler to the board of directors. Lastly I would like to thank Danae Bryar and crew for helping out with supplies along with Jacqueline
McCreedy making sure everything got set up every morning and broken down every night, and Esa for jumping in to help too. If I forgot anyone I'm sorry it's lack of sleep. Again thanks to all for coming out and making it a great weekend.
Happy trails to all sincerely Meg Mizzoni president New England Sled Dog Club. (Aka Fled Dog club)😁😁 lol.
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We will be having a special club meeting for members to vote in a new vice president and welcome some new board members nomination for vice president is Mike Green hope to see you there thank you.. please share ... See MoreSee Less

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November 11, 2017, 12:00pm - November 11, 2017, 11:30am

We will be having a special club meeting for members to vote in a new vice president and welcome some new board members nomination for vice president is Mike Green hope to see you there thank you.. pl...

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Just one week to our annual rig race benefiting the veterans of Liberty house Manchester New Hampshire please bring donations they can use sleeping bags Sox shirts and shoes winter jackets any men's clothing and any non-perishable food items also accepted ... See MoreSee Less

Annual Ethan Howard Memorial Rig Race

November 11, 2017, 8:00am - November 12, 2017, 3:00pm

Just one week to our annual rig race benefiting the veterans of Liberty house Manchester New Hampshire please bring donations they can use sleeping bags Sox shirts and shoes winter jackets any men's c...

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