The New England Sled Dog Club (NESDC) was founded in 1924, making it one of the oldest sled dog clubs in the world. Each year, the NESDC sponsors one dryland race event and several sled races in New Hampshire and Maine. The Objectives of the Club are:
  • To promote the responsible breeding, training, driving, racing, and improvement of sled dogs
  • To disseminate information and take such steps as may seem advisable for the best interest of the club.
  • To take such other steps as may seem advisable to project and advance the interest of the sport at home and abroad.

NESDC Officers and Officials

Board of Directors
  • Officers
    • Meg Mizzoni, President
    • Michele Boyd, First Vice President
    • Rodney Tinkham, Second Vice President
    • Jackie McCreedy, Secretary
    • Kelley McGrath, Treasurer
  • Members
    • Bill Boyd
    • Asa Szegvari
Race Officials
  • Bill Boyd & Vince Buoniello, Chief Judges
  • Ingo Szegvari, Chief Timer
  • Thom DiMaggio, Trail Boss